Friday, January 14, 2011


(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!) 
 Heeeeeeeere's DOC! 
Sorry for taking so long to post!  The semester has started at work and my wife's laptop has died, so I've been spending my time giving it CPR (no results yet...we'll see!)
Anyway, as a way of making up for the neglect, I took some process shots of this panel while it was under way, just so you could get an idea of what it takes to get it to the finished state.
First off, the pencils.
Then, some brush work with my Pentel Pocket Brush

Then, some initial shading with copic markers

More shading with darker markers

Then, while finishing shading Doc, I decided that I really needed something in that back window.

Inking the army truck with Pitt Pens

Laying in spot blacks in the background.

And, finally, tones over the background.

After all that, I scan it, color and filter-ize it a bit, and you see the finished product!  All told, it took 4 hours of work.
You can see that the finished project obliterated some of my detail....and I'm fine with that.  Actually, it's made me think hard about how to design the panels so that the key area really pops and is clearly legible....the rest can just "suggest" what might be there.  That "suggesting" or hinting at what is in the background is lots more interesting for the reader anyway as their mind fills in the blanks. 

At least, I hope so! :)

More soon,



SIMON said...

"I am Doc Monster and we are here for science" has to be an instant classic.

*right clicks, sets as wallpaper*

Great iconic image.

Dave_Flora said...

Ha! Thanks, Simon!! I had to make it my wallpaper, too!

Sean_Frye said...

Hello Dave
i was wondering if you were going to collect the Doc Monster strip into a graphic novel or comic book after it complete? I would love to buy one.
Also do you have any sketchbooks for sale?

The Professor said...

I agree with Simon. "I am DOC MONSTER and I'm here for SCIENCE" would be a great poster.

Dave_Flora said...

@Sean - I definitely intend to collect and print Doc! I will probably collect this first story arc into a 48-page novel that I'll sell, and the complete "Shadow of the Skies" story will be a full-length graphic novel. As to the sketchbook idea....I certainly have plenty of material for one! Let me think about putting one together. Thanks for the idea!

@The Professor - I agree! I'll see what I can work up!