Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Later, as they near the town of Stockton Station...

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Uh oh....what's this??  Just some poor, drunken fool who missed the road?  Or, is it more sinister...?
We'll see! :)

Bet you didn't expect another panel up so quickly, eh?  Well, this is the panel that I mentioned in the previous post...and now, it's time to put it to use.
I fought with the colors in this picture for a long time.  It's time to enter daylight...which isn't something I've done in this strip before.  I wanted it to have that cool shadow, early morning sunshine feel...and I think it came out well.  Light is very, very important in this strip, and I wanted to get it just right.  It'll be quite a shift moving from cool tones to warm ones, but I'll do my best to adapt and try to make the flow harmonious.

Anyway, on with the show!


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Ann said...

It's light, yet still dark. So noir Black and White in feel. Looking forward to the next one.