Monday, January 17, 2011

So Doc, Where is it I'm Driving?

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)

That's Doc....all heart. :)

There's a real challenge with drawing scenes with very little action in them....and this is one of those scenes.  I had information I needed to get across to Clay, more interaction between Doc and Clay I wanted to show, AND I needed to do an image that showed them traveling.

I think this one came out ok.  It shows additional information visually...there's the map of Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky, with the convoy of vehicles spanning the three states, and there's also a nifty travel brochure for Route 60...which is the road they'd be traveling.  Interstate highways weren't constructed in the U.S. until 1956, so Route 60 (and the more famous, Route 66) was the only way to go. 

You know, looking at this panel, it strikes me that this story has a kind of Scooby-Doo or Johnny Quest cartoon look to it....and that pleases me greatly.

Well, I think we've had plenty of talking for a about some action, hmm?

Stay tuned!



Sean_Frye said...

What a great composition it's really feels like a 50's B-Movie back drop. The reference to the route 60 and 66 are killer. That is such creative way to show travel. I am also working on some Doc Monster fan art if it's okay with you. I will its on my Blog and Deviant Art page when it's done.

Don Gates said...

Always glad to see the good Doctor in action! I can imagine red line moving from state to state with this dialog and some music in the background, a la Indiana Jones and the old movies. Nice touch for this panel.

Dave_Flora said...

@Sean - Thank you! I try to throw in any period references that I can...and I live very near Route 60, so it's a bit of home for me. I'd LOVE to see any Doc Fan Art!! Fanart is always such a surprise to me... :)

@Don - Good to see you, sir! I kept hearing that Indiana Jones music in my head while I was doing minds, eh?


Lord Slapdash said...

"I mean undetermined." Really Dave? Really must you woo me page after page with stunning artwork and clever, witty, dialogue?

Funny you mentioned the Scooby/Johny Quest throwback because when I saw this panel, it conjured nostalgic reminiscences of reading adventure comics as a kid.

And I love the convoy. What's in the trucks, Doc? Soldiers? Specialists? Equipment? Other?

Dave_Flora said...

I MUST, Lord Slapdash! :) Thank you, sir. I love's an interesting thing. When you get a feel for the characters, often, they write themselves...which is both convenient and vexing. I'm trying very hard to knock each panel as far out of the park as I can get...I'm glad you like it!

As for what's in the trucks....Clay is wondering the same thing. What's a scientist need with army trucks?


S.E. Dogaru Esquire said...

it makes me want to sing "movin' right along" from the Muppet Movie. i'm not sure that was the desired effect...

does Doc sing when he drives Mr. Flora?

really tho, lovin it so far Dave!;)

Dave_Flora said...

Hey, Mr. Dogaru! Good to see you here!

You try to see the Muppets in everything, don't you? I imagine Doc would be that eagle character, and Clay would be played by Kermit. Maybe Miss Piggie would be Carol? :)

Oh, and Doc doesn't sing while he drives. He doesn't drive, actually, at least, not yet.
I DO think that Doc would sing as he dissects corpses. Yes, sir.


Lord S.E. Dogaru, Duke Of The High Plaines Of Mars! (...or is that planes....) said...

okay, Dave....i'm going to get real serious here....just for a moment....i'm going to need you to go ahead and empty out your bank account, and make that movie. post-haste.

...and maybe the eventual lead antognist for the story could be played by Paul Wil Wheaton...



Dave_Flora said...

Lord Dogaru! (Seriously, is that a pulp name, or what?) I promise to empty my bank account post-haste! that the serious part? Because that's all I can see happening... :)

Thanks, Stefan,