Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Groundhog day...?

(Click on the image to MONSTER size it, or click here to read from the beginning!)

This panel takes us back to the very first panel of the story.  I was uncomfortable with reusing artwork to tell the story, but honestly, the idea of Doc and Clay riding in a hotrod was just too good not to do.  Besides, Doc has his reasons.  Doesn't he ALWAYS have his reasons? :)  Just ask Clay.

Life is pretty busy right now, and it's leaving me brain dead when I come home.  So, to prove that you don't NEED brains to make comics....I'm gonna do it anyway! Just don't expect genius.

More Doc soon!


The Professor said...

"Are you cracked?..." I'm liking agent Clay more and more. I think Doc is going to bring out the best in him. Sideways smiley face.

Dave_Flora said...

Thank you, Professor! I think Doc is a perfect "straight man" to Clay's wisecracking humor. Enjoy!