Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's a MURDER CASE now.

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Ok, I want to point something out right away.  Sometimes, when you're drawing people, you don't get the eyes right.  They wind up looking like they're pointing in two different directions.  This is NOT one of those cases.  Honest.  The sheriff has a minor case of Strabismus, or "lazy eye"...a condition where both eyes don't focus on the same point accurately.  Today, we see this a lot less, but it was pretty common in the 1950's, and accepted as just "how things were".  I, myself had it when I was a child.

I don't know how many of you were hoping that we'd see Liz alive after her abduction, but such does not appear to be the case.  Apparently, the crowd believes her murderers are in the sheriff's hands.  We'll learn more in the next panel.

I wanted to mention that I've been invited to PLANET PULP, a group of really groovy artists who explore a particular theme each month with their art.  Right now is PIXAR month, so you really should go over and check out the cool stuff they're doing.    Look for something from me soon!

That's it from the Legion of Atomic Supermen this week.  Watch for updates soon!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get 'em OUT here!

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Mad people do strange bring babies to angry protests. 

Actually, I'm not sure where I got the idea of the baby, but it popped into my head and stuck there.  I like it when you insert a little bit of real-life strange into my makes the really strange things seem quite possible.

And we've all seen some strange things, have we not?

Not a great welcome so far for Doc and the gang, and who knows how they're going to be seen stepping into a situation like this.  Will Doc have to toss some protesters?  Who knows? :)

I had the opportunity to do an interview with a local newspaper called "The Review", recently.  I was interviewed by an old friend, and he's said some very kind things about the comic and yours truly.  If I can get a link to it sometime, I'll share it with you.  Since I'm setting this in a fictionalized local area, it's neat to have some local recognition.  Actually, I'd recommend that if you have a project of your own.  Don't be afraid to share it with your local comic shop and/or community.  You never know what cool things that can lead to.

Till next time!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stockton Station

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Here's the entrance to the sleepy town of Stockton Station.  I'm basing it on my hometown, Flemingsburg, Kentucky.....actually, this shot is about two or three blocks from where I'm writing this right now.  They say to write what you know, right? :)
Oh hey, did you know that I did a mini-comic for Atomic Robo?  You do know about Atomic Robo, don't you?  Well, if you don't check them out!  My mini-comic appears in the Atomic Robo Trade #4.  Robo is the kind of rollicking fun that you find lots in Hellboy, know...with SCIENCE!! 

I'm sure Doc Monster would approve. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 3

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Well folks, I'm sorry for not having more of an update for you, though I can say that I am glad to finally get Doc and the crew to Stockton Station.  There's going to be a bit of culture shock...on both sides.  It should be fun, and we'll get deeper into the mystery of what is happening to this tiny town.
As for the reason I wasn't able to post more is that I got wrapped up in this commission:

This is an image of DC Comic's "Suicide Squad" which appeared in "Brave and the Bold" in the late 1950's.  They fought all kinds of weird creatures, so I was asked to give my take on the team.  Let me tell you, I was nervous.  I just haven't had too much luck drawing other people's characters.  But, this was right up my alley, and sounded like lots of fun AND was for some needed cash, so I agreed to try.
I'm glad I did.
It's not the most incredible piece I can imagine, but it's not bad.  I'm sure some of you will recognize the monster from the Ghost Zero 2007 story "Sea of the Dead" very first GZ story.  It's bigger in this one, but...Eddie encountered the thing 10 years before this story happened, and I figured that it's been eating, bigtime.

The reason that the thing is going for Karin there in the picture is that Karin is psychic...which makes eating her head and consuming her eating a really great Big Mac.

Full of brains.  Eww.

More soon!